Our Homeschool Spanish Curriculum for 2022-2023

After a trip to Spain this summer, I came back with an even deeper appreciation for being bilingual and raising my kids bilingually. This sentiment has flung me into creating a comprehensive homeschool Spanish curriculum for the coming school year.

This year I’ve got a fresh start! I’m homeschooling my youngest daughter again after a three year pause. Although the rest are in public school, we will learn Spanish together at home. We can practice all the language skills reading aloud from Spanish books.

I’m sharing my Spanish homeschool curriculum by language skill.

Spanish Language Arts Curriculum

We are starting at ground zero and building a new structure. The central hub for their Spanish learning will be in a Spanish Learning Binder. They will keep all their work in organized sections.

At the start of the school year, each of my children will make their own Spanish study plan. This takes into account their individual experience and their goals for vocabulary and for some, grammar. They will keep their goals and trackers in their binder.

Listening to Spanish

The skill of listening is the base for all the rest of the skills. I’ll introduce some key words from the passage and then read aloud to them. While we read they may draw what they hear. After the reading, each will complete their task to reach their goals for the week.

Writing in Spanish

Each child will keep a word count, either printed in their binder or spreadsheet on the computer. Once their word count is over 100, they will begin copying sentences. Once their sentence count is over 50, then they will do grammar analysis.

Spanish Vocabulary Building Guide

Word Bank Spreadsheet

Spanish Grammar Analysis Guide

Grammar Analysis Spreadsheet

Reading Spanish

Some may be able to read independently. As we read aloud, they will all have the chance to read to themselves or the group.

Speaking Spanish

After our reading, each child will have the opportunity to practice pronunciation. They will present the words learned and their sentence copied. Weekly, we will do a question and answer to retell the passage.

Booklist for Homeschool Spanish:

Now, I’m off to create a Spanish Learning Binder for each of my kids.

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