Spanish Color and Shape Books

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Board books are a great way to teach your kids basic Spanish vocabulary. These books are awesome for beginner reading activities. And to add to your color and shape craft time.


This list of books go along with the craft and activities for the Canvas Color Craft. Available 1/31

Listen and Speak Spanish With Your Little Ones

Introduce your little ones to the colors and shape words in Spanish. Make your home time the best with an engaging activity. Starting young is a great idea for the many lifetime benefits for development of thinking and memory.

The craft with books will give you plenty of opportunity to speak Spanish, so they can grow their listening and speaking skills.

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Spanish Color and Shape Book List

Kids love to look at pictures. That makes it so easy for us parents to introduce the Spanish words for color with a visual picture. It’s always best to avoid translating into English. Instead just show the picture.

Feel free to click the book covers to get the book description. Some of them have previews and kindle versions available.

Bring the Spanish language into your home with these recommended books for little ones.

Spanish Books About Color








A Set About Basic Spanish Words


Spanish Books About Shape





It is an amazing opportunity for little ones. Learning there are two different ways of describing the world around them is so important. It makes them smarter.

And it’s a great way to connect and spend time with your favorite little people.


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