Free Steps for Talking About Art in Spanish

free describing art in Spanish vocabulary

One of the most frustrating things in life, is having something to say and not be able to speak it. Let’s face it we love to talk. But how do you get there in a second language? Talking about art in Spanish!

The truth is it takes lots of practice speaking. A great way to do get this practice time in regularly is talking about art in Spanish. If you’ve never tried this before, I’ve got something to help you get started.

How to talk about art in Spanish

Simply, download the free printable with a worksheet to get started. It details each of the five steps with the questions to ask and a simple beginning for the answer. Not only that, but it also has one of the worksheets to record new descriptive words for the elements of art, such as subject, action, color or shape.

Want to start practicing Spanish the easy way talking about art in Spanish?

Easy Art Study in Spanish Bundle

The Art Study in Spanish Bundle has everything you need to talk about art and build the four language skills – listen, read, speak and or write in Spanish.

how to talk about art in spanish

The Art Study in Spanish Bundle will help you have an easy and creative art discussion in Spanish.

The Art Study in Spanish Bundle will help you…

  • Build all the Spanish language skills in a group or on your own
  • Discover new vocabulary to describe the story and message of an artwork
  • Express your response and form an opinion
  • Dig deeper with art concepts for further discussion points
  • Stick new Spanish vocabulary into your working memory

What You’ll Get

  • Art Study in Spanish Discussion Guide
  • Spanish Art Vocabulary
  • Elements and Principles of Art in Spanish

A total of 93 jam-packed printable pages!

  • Question and Answer Prompts for the 5 Steps
  • Art Study Planner
  • Lesson Plan
  • Show and Tell
  • Artist Profile
  • Observe Story and Elements
  • Art Study of Artist
  • Draw Details
  • Drawing Details from Memory
  • Talk about the Message
  • Principles of Art
  • Write about the Art and Your Response
  • My Notes about the Artwork…

The Art Study in Spanish Bundle makes talking about art easier than ever. It includes lesson planning sheets, prompts and worksheet for all five steps, thematic vocabulary and visuals of art concepts and connected words.

Or you can pull together bits and pieces for talking about art on your own over time.

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free describing art in Spanish vocabulary

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