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I am thankful, November has been a big month for this new blog. I am glad to have shared posts and resources with 200 people in one month alone. Here are some highlights for the year:

January – I created the brand new blog, Españolista for Spanish language learners, especially homeschooling families.

February – My first posts are about art study and food. 

May – This month I started sharing about how to have read aloud time and book recommendations.

September – The Spanish Toolbox, free resource library, opened. There are more than 20 resources available now and many more to come. 

October – I added crafts to the blog. So far there are two free craft resources.

November – The wait list opened for the 100 Spanish Words in 5 Days – Vocabulary challenge. The challenge opens in January 2020. And I shared how to create a Spanish Study Plan.

December – I continue to work on more great content and resources.

I just need one thing – some feedback from you, so I know the best areas to focus creating new content and resources.  Please take a moment to let me know a little more about you and what is important to you. You, my loyal readers, are what is important to me. And I want to give you what you need most to learn Spanish and equip you to teach your children too.

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Muchas gracias,

Rachel Havana


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