Spanish Phonics Books for Beginners

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One of the essential conversation skills is pronunciation. One sound can make the difference between making sense and being unclear. Besides that, one sounds can also change the entire meaning of a word. These Spanish phonics books for beginners will introduce you to the basic pronunciation of letter sounds and syllables.

Do you know how to pronounce the Spanish sounds?

Too often we start with a Spanish book that is too hard. This results in frustration, a lack of motivation and no learning. It’s better to begin with a simple book for the basic pronunciation skills. In language learning harder material is not better.

Silbarios are the best books for beginners to learn Spanish pronunciation. A silbario is a book to practice the letter sounds and syllables.

Top Spanish Phonics Books

These silbarios are the English equivalent of phonics or learning to read books. What makes them special is they introduce the letter sounds and a complete basic set of syllables. Click an image to see a preview of the pages.

Learn the Basic Spanish Phonics Sounds and Syllables

What is a silbario? Literally, silbario translates to mean a book of syllables. But they have so much more than that. All of these features are presented in a gradual process.

  • Introduces the vowel sounds
  • Each page focuses on an alphabet letter
  • Combines the letter with each vowel
  • Cover several basic vocabulary words
  • Has a sentence using the new vocabulary
  • Ends with a poem or short piece of writing

Improve understanding and expression…

These basic books will help you with all your verbal and print skills. They are the best books to start a read aloud time to learn Spanish.

When you have no experience in a language, the words mean nothing. I know because, this has to be my youngest children’s biggest complaint. “I don’t understand”. Even the most simple stories can leave you with an uncomfortable feeling and negative thoughts. Whats the point of not understanding?

Instead of exhausting yourself with too much challenge, go smaller and slower. Build your confidence with the basics. In any language the basics are the letters, blends and syllables.

Phonics Book Activities

Silbarios are designed to be interactive. Meaning, the content is meant to be heard, read, repeated and written. This builds each of the language skills.

  • Hear – Listening
  • Read – Reading
  • Say – Speaking
  • Write – Writing

While you’re developing these skills, your vocabulary and pronunciation is improving.

How to Learn the Letter Sounds

So, now you have a silbario, how do the letters and syllables sound?

Silbarios are reading books and have no audio, so you will need to use an outside resource. Here are some online resources for Spanish phonics.

Focusing on how to say the Spanish letter sounds will improve your pronunciation. And you’ll sound amazing in your conversations as you continue to grow your vocabulary.

Start with something simple. A silbario helps to practice the Spanish sound combinations.

Give one of these phonics books a try. You and your children will understand everything and build your second language confidence. They are an easy way to start reading confidently and improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.

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