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Does this sound familiar?

It's time to speak Spanish. You've crammed, tested and studied a lot, yet you froze in silence. Nothing made sense. And you didn't know how to say what you were thinking.

As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, studying bored you to tears and your lack of progress has completely killed your motivation.

But the good news is... this doesn't have to be you.

You deserve to...

  • Understand what your family and friends are saying to you

  • Be able to say what your thinking

  • Enjoy learning

in Spanish.


The Grammar Bank Spreadsheet is here to help you!

So you can finally...

  • Eliminate frustration from not being able to speak Spanish after studying way too much!
  • Get on a steady and focused plan for digging into words, phrases and sentences to find patterns!
  • Know where your progress stands 365 days a year!
  • Never waste your study time again!
  • Gain back hours of time spent on study methods that don't work!

I've never seen anything as purposeful as this spreadsheet. Grammar finally made sense. I knew what to listen for and talking became a lot easier.

Grammar Bank Spreadsheet customer

What's included

Grammar Bank Spreadsheet ($37)

Set up a reward-based system for analyzing words, phrases and sentences and discover useful grammar patterns.

What you'll receive...

  • A link to a Google Sheet with instructions on how to copy the spreadsheet to your own Google account
  • An instruction sheet detailing exactly how to use the spreadsheet
  • 7 tabs to analyze words, phrases and sentences and dig into grammar rules and exceptions.
  • Weekly and yearly goals, a goal and tracking dashboard, a snapshot of each word and all the details added, word lists categorized by part of speech, and a weekly grammar tracker

Ultimate Grammar Analysis Guide ($27)

Track, plan, and feel confident about your grammar analysis goals with this printable planner! 18 pages to help you understand how words connect and form predictable patterns.

What you'll get

33 jam-packed printable PDF pages!

  • Step-by-step instructions how to label and analyze grammar points in words, phrases and sentences
  • Track and plan for weekly, monthly, and yearly grammar analysis goals
  • Keep all of the most essential words to explore the roots, suffixes, prefixes and the parts of speech.
  • Consistently review different structures and discover patterns to scale up your practical skills.
  • Log grammar rules and exceptions as you cover them

Spanish Word Lists ($17)

Strategically plan out your entire year of vocabulary studies from these helpful word lists. Focus on the most frequent and commonly used Spanish words so you can understand and use them right away. 

What you'll get

24 jam-packed pages!

  • 500 of the most frequently used Spanish words
  • Calendar Basics
  • Numbers to 100
  • Numbers Beyond 100
  • Conversation Basics
  • Lists for each Part of Speech

Let's recap

  • Word Bank Spreadsheet
  • Ultimate Vocabulary Building Guide
  • Spanish Word Lists

Spreadsheet tabs

Grammar Templates

Word Lists

¡Hola, I'm Rachel!

Way back, I had to learn Spanish, so I could talk to my new in-laws, but quickly found out it wouldn't be easy. The classes and textbooks didn't give me the practical skills I needed. So I came up with my own ways to learn. Before long, I was joining in on the conversation around the table and on my way to fluency.

Fast forward, I have a degree in Spanish and five children who I wanted to become bilingual. In 2017 I started a blog about how to learn Spanish on your own and teach your kids.

Now I'm on a mission to help 1,000 language learners add 1,000 Spanish words to their active vocabulary.

I decided to recreate my exact learning systems that helped me understand others and express myself clearly in Spanish, so you can get there easier and faster.

Make edits on the go

You can access your word bank on ANY device including a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop. Need to update your word bank on the go? Now you can!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a spreadsheet? Will it work with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel?

Yes! The Family Budget Spreadsheet comes in Google Sheets and you can download it for use in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. While the spreadsheet can be exported to Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers, there is some limited functionality. We recommend using the spreadsheet in Google Sheets to get full functionality.

I'm not good at spreadsheets, will this still work for me?

You do not need to be an expert with spreadsheets for this system to work for you. We give detailed instructions to make everything super easy.

I do recommend having a basic understanding of how spreadsheets work.  

Does the Word Bank spreadsheet come with the formulas included?

Absolutely! The formulas are built right into each spreadsheet for you. Plus, there is a detailed instruction sheet to walk you through every step of the process.

Will anything be shipped to me?

No, this is a digital product only. Everything you need will be delivered to you to download via email.  

Kate says...

I've always been drawn to my Spanish heritage. But it was never a priority. I made resolutions, got books and said I would learn Spanish, I just never got around to it.

A good friend of mine sent me a link for the study planner. That was where everything changed for me. I just need a simple start. A year later, now I feel accomplished instead of guilty like I used to for not following through.

I'm so pleased with my progress and I can't wait to see what I can do by next year. Thank you, Rachel for your amazing resources.

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  • Grammar Bank Spreadsheet ($37): Analyze words, phrases and sentences for patterns to use during your skills practice!
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  • Grammar Bank Spreadsheet ($37): Analyze words, phrases and sentences for patterns to use during your skills practice!
  • Ultimate Grammar Analysis Guide ($27): 33 pages of Spanish structure learning and tracking sheets.
  • Spanish Word Lists ($17): Ready-to-go source of most frequently used and basic vocabulary - 20 pages

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