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Has this ever happened to you? You sit down to practice conjugating Spanish verbs but you are thoroughly confused about the concept and find out you can’t manage all the changing parts.

Or you mix up the endings and say things you don’t mean to say.

If you can’t understand what others are talking about.

If you’re not sure whether something already happened, is happening now, or will happen.

Just so lost you don’t know what you’re doing wrong or how to fix it.

If you wish, just for once, you knew exactly which ending to use on the verb.

I have some help for you. My Spanish conjugation practice sheets have made all this crystal clear for me and my kids.

Free Spanish Verb Conjugation Guide

Your goal this year is to learn Spanish enough so you can use it in real life, right? Then it’s time to get started with one of the hardest concepts to grasp, verb conjugation. Not only is it a complex grammar topic, but also there are an overwhelming amount of verbs.

A basic vocabulary has about 1,000 words. Of those, 300 are verbs. Every one of those verbs has 60 variations. Do the math and you’ve got 2,400 verbs in total. Do you need all of them specifically, probably not. But you do need to have some experience with them.

I break down the whole process of learning verbs into a simple framework with small steps, so you have no gaps.

free conjugation practice worksheet

Once you have found your place in the learning process, you can start with the foundation of all the conjugation patterns.

Regular Verb Conjugation Practice Sheets

This is where you start conjugating verbs. In Spanish verbs change a lot.

  • person
  • number
  • tense
  • mood

This means every verb has all this information packed inside. The Regular Verb Conjugation Practice Sheets make it really easy to unpack and pack the meaning correctly. So you can understand them and come up with the right one when you need it.

Irregular Verb Conjugation Practice Sheets

The bad news is some verbs are oddballs. For many reasons, they don’t follow the regular patterns exactly. Some have one slight change and others have a handful of differences that are hard to grasp.

On the Irregular Verb Conjugation Practice Sheets, I lay the differences out in front of your eyes to see, read, say, listen and write with pen and paper. This kind of practice sticks each verb into your memory for your later use.

The most frequently used verbs are irregular. Including the first group of irregular verbs, the sight verbs in your practice from the start are ideal.

Verb Conjugation Practice and Spreadsheets

From personal experience, a robust practice like this is awesome, yet hard to keep track of.

Which verb did I conjugate already? Did I already cover this tense yet? Did I forget this irregular verb group?

It’s really easy to have gaps in your conjugation practice.

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The Verb Conjugation Spreadsheet helps you with a framework to track and practice conjugating on the bank, grid, and matrix. Nothing gets missed.

Are you ready to start conjugating Spanish verbs?

Verb conjugation is an important part of the skills growth process. It is a cross-over between vocabulary and grammar and together the three create a solid language foundation to build the skills on.

Before you go, grab this to help you get started!

Download your FREE Spanish conjugation worksheet.

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