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Are you looking for an easy to read Spanish book? Fables are great for beginning readers of any age. They are perfect for read aloud time at home or book club. I share some amazing book recommendations and a FREE printable read aloud book tracker.



A good book to read in Spanish is SO hard to find for second language learners. I have faced that challenge for years with my children. Yeah, there are lots of books out there, but far too often they are disappointing. The language is blah, blah, blah…

We also want a book that will not overwhelm. Fables are perfect for read aloud time. They have an interesting story with a lot of details and great language. The best part is that they have an easy reading level.


I’ve got a list of easy-to-read Spanish books for you!

To begin with, fables are short stories with characters, setting and a full plot. Every fable is most often finished with a one sentence message or lesson. They have tons of rich vocabulary and variations in sentence structures.

I have found several books of fables that I absolutely love. My recommendations also have what I really like about them. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Easy Reading Books in Spanish

The list of book recommendations has some of my favorite books and even some on my wish list. Books are a great source of vocabulary and language examples to learn from. Regularly, do some reading activities with your children and grow your Spanish language skills together. These fables are a great beginning reading material for your read aloud time.

I will start with the picture books.

Click on the book image or title to get more information and to have the book shipped to you.


Fábulas contadas a los niños

by Rosa Navarro

On the top of my wish list, the fables of Felix Samaniego are illustrated and retold for children. I want to read this aloud at bedtime, so the children can soak up the language into the memory processes during sleep.


El ratón de la ciudad y el ratón del campo

by Sarah Keane

A teacher created this storybook. This book is perfect for preschoolers (and all beginning readers really) because of the large pictures. The story of the city mouse and country mouse is retold and illustrated. It is ideal for a story time and showing pictures as you read. 


El libro de oro de las fábulas

by Veronica Uribe

I found this one at the library. Each fable is short and has sentences at a beginning reading level. Even so the stories are very descriptive. There are twenty of Aesop’s classic tales with illustrations by Chilean artist, Costanza Bravo.


 Fábulas de Esopo


Several of Aesop’s fables with award winning illustrations by Jerry Pickney. It also includes an activity section at the back of the book. 

And finish with text only fables.


 100 Fabulas de Esopo


The print is very clear and easy to read with one fable on each page. The final message is in a larger font and italicized, perfect to use for dictation.


Fábulas de Esopo


Another one without illustrations, it is purely text based on a translation from the Greek done in the 1950’s.

As a bonus for book lovers, I include these next two of my favorites which are out of print and are only available at libraries and used book stores. If you are into books like I am, you will find them. 

My Favorite Illustrations


Fábulas de Esopo

Illustrated by Michael Hague

Recently, I found this book at our local library. I loved the large color illustrations. They are absolutely beautiful and remind me of golden age children’s literature. It was printed in English and Spanish, so you can find both languages to have a bilingual experience. It’s another great selection for read aloud time or the book basket for quiet time.

My Favorite Collection of Fables



La fabula a traves del tiempo

Editorial Ramón Sopena

The selection of fables is amazing. The collection has the work of more than 28 classic authors. Famous writers — Bello, Campoamor, Hartzenbusch, Lope de Vega, Samaniego, and other notable authors through recent history. The word choice is exquisite and rich, as well as the graphics and illustrations. 

Where to Find Spanish Books

If you don’t have a budget to purchase books, try a World Cat search. The search engine lists all the libraries where books are available all around the world. The link below will take you to a search page.

World Cat search

First, enter your local zip code for accurate results. Then, you can search by title, topic or author. Select Spanish for the language. It’s helpful to find out what local libraries have Spanish books on their shelves.

Spanish Books – Reading Activities

With one of these beginning Spanish books, now you can have some engaging reading activities to build Spanish language skills. A read aloud time allows for plenty of opportunity to practice listening and speaking Spanish. The book is the source for words to have a vocabulary exploration and correct examples of Spanish in use. Words, phrases and sentences can be copied and expanded for spelling and grammar practice.  

For more details, this post has step-by-step instruction about how to read aloud and tailor to your skill level.

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And get the Read Aloud Book Tracker to keep tabs on the books you’re reading and the new vocabulary.

To conclude, I love reading these fables to my children. Our read aloud time works so well even though all of my kids are at different skill levels. This is one of the activities I do to teach them Spanish right now. Over the past several months, I have seen some good progress in each of them.

For more book recommendations, here’s an amazing series of chapter books that are humorous and engaging:

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