Spanish Alphabet Banner | Printable Craft and Activities

Have you ever had a hard time coming up ideas for introducing the Spanish alphabet?

Are you looking for new classroom decor that not only cheers up the space but also is a great teaching tool?

Our Spanish Alphabet Banner printable craft shows each letter of the Spanish alphabet. You can hang it across the wall or door as a visual reference for the Spanish letters, sounds and connect them to vocabulary. Or they can be made as a set of alphabet letter flashcards for hands-on review.

Spanish Classroom Decor

The Alphabet banner can match the colors and patterns for your classroom decor. Choose the colors and patterns you and your students enjoy the most. Not only is it beautiful, but is also a helpful reminder of the Spanish alphabet sounds that is available all the time.

Spanish alphabet banner hanging on wall with hand

The Spanish Alphabet Banner Printable Craft will help you to…

  • Create a beautiful and effective learning tool for your classroom that matches your decor
  • Introduce the basics about the Spanish alphabet letters and sounds
  • Keep a visual reminder of the Spanish sounds that is always available for your students
  • Easy to use reference for engaging learning activities
  • Review with a set of Spanish alphabet flashcards for a tactile learning experience

Spanish Alphabet for Classroom

As teachers, we know although the Spanish and English alphabets are exactly the same with the exception of one letter, the letters names and sounds are very different. Learners don’t know the similarities and differences, yet.

For example:

1 – say these words in English

favor, chocolate, dime, quesadilla, jalapeño, red

2 – Now say the same words in Spanish

Did you hear a difference between the English and Spanish versions?

A beginning Spanish learner will only say these words with the set of sounds they know in English. And as a result, have horrible Spanish pronunciation.

That’s why the introducing the sounds of the Spanish alphabet is so important. The letters are essential to learning Spanish spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary. It’s up to us teachers to present this key information to the students in an effective learning style.

Spanish Alphabet Characters

To begin with, every letter in the Spanish alphabet has its own unique sound or set of sounds. The Spanish alphabet banner and flashcards display all the letters, so students can connect them to the letter names and sounds.

Each of those words sound different in each language. That’s because every Spanish letter has its own unique letter name and sound.

spanish alphabet characters chart

Spanish Alphabet Basic Facts

Every student needs to know some basic facts about the Spanish alphabet. The letter names will help them to be able to alphabetize, look up words in a dictionary, spell out words. The letter sounds are essential for proper pronunciation and increasing vocabulary.

Key facts Every beginning Student Needs to Know About the Spanish Alphabet

When introducing the Spanish alphabet to your students throughout the year, remember to cover these basic Spanish alphabet facts:

  • The Spanish alphabet has 27 letters, one more than the English alphabet.
  • The letter ñ is unique to the Spanish alphabet
  • Each letter has a name and at least one sound.

Usually, most curriculum covers the alphabet in one lesson which in my opinion is not enough. The Spanish letter sounds need to be included in every lesson.

Spanish Alphabet Banner Craft

This Spanish alphabet letter banner and flashcards will equip you with an effective learning tool for every learning style. The printable consists of a card for each letter in the Spanish alphabet. The cards can be strung together and hung on the wall, or they can be used as flashcards.

Whats included

20 – 8.5″ x 11″ printable pdf pages

  • Craft Instructions
  • 27 Spanish Letters
  • Blank Banner Template
  • Banner Backing Template

Make a Spanish Alphabet Banner or Flashcards?

You can have both. The printable craft template is flexible to make either a Spanish alphabet banner or a set of Spanish alphabet flashcards. Both types are an invaluable resource for students to learn with.

Option A – Spanish Alphabet Banner

Hole punch and string the cards together to hang on the wall or door.

Option B -Spanish Alphabet Flashcards

Laminate each letter card for durability. Keep a set on the table or display on wall for lesson.

Either way, the Spanish alphabet printable is visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile tool. The ideas for activities below will get you off to a great start using them to engage your students.

instructions colored paper yarn hole puncher and scissors on wood table

Spanish Alphabet Banner Supplies

This printable craft is simple to assemble with basic supplies. You can choose the color and type of materials that match your decor. The instructions included tell you exactly how to assemble the banner and or flashcards step-by-step.

Letter size paper

Printing Supplies

Craft materials

Lamination option for durability

printed paper on wood table

Spanish Alphabet Banner Instructions

1 – download filE

After checkout, you’ll instantly receive a file to download and print. Follow the instructions in your download. Use the supply list above for ideas on which materials to use for the craft.

Many color combinations and different decorative paper types are possible. Each letter has two parts: the letter card and the backing sheet that goes behind. White or light colors are best for the letter cards. Anything goes for the backing sheet.

Also, the banner has a string to hold them together. You can use: string, wire, twine, ribbon, or whatever material goes best with your decor.

Keep in mind, for the flashcards, a heavier weight paper will hold up best over time, along with lamination.

alphabet cards on wood table with colored paper

2 – print the pages

The instructions specifically tell you the amount and order of each type of paper to insert into the printer.

3 – cut out the cards

Now, cut each letter card and backing sheet. Leave a margin of space along the outside line on the letter cards. And cut along the lines on the backing sheets.

alphabet cards on wood table with hole puncher
Hole punch letter cards at top

If you prefer, for the flashcards, cut them into a rectangular shape, shown below. Then, laminate.

alphabet cards on wood table
Use as flashcards

Continue with the last steps to make the Spanish alphabet banner.

4 – hole punch letter cards

Next, stack a letter card with a backing sheet behind it. Line up the top edges together and make two hole punches, as shown below.

  • There will be about 1/4″ margin around each letter card.
  • Place the holes about 1″ down from top edge and 1″ in from side edges.
alphabet cards on wood table with yarn through holes on top
String cards together from back to front and back again

4 – string the banner together

Last, weave a string through the holes on top of each card as follows:

  • tie a knot at the end of 10 foot string (or other material)
  • stack letter card (with backing) in reverse alphabetical order, Z to A
  • pull end of string through hole from back to front to back again

Repeat process until all cards are hung on the string. Leave an extra length of string on both ends to tie onto wall or door.

How to Learn the Spanish Letter Sounds

Both Spanish alphabet banner and flashcards are effective learning tools for the basics, practice and review of the letters and sounds. Need some ideas for how to teach using them? Below are some ways we’ve used them in the past.

Spanish Alphabet Activities

Whether the banner hangs on the wall or flashcards are in hand, here are some ways to use them in the classroom or homeschool:

How to Teach the Spanish alphabet

  • Recite, chant to a rhythm or sing the alphabet song.
  • Sing the alphabet song and point to the letters.
  • Mix up flashcards and place them in alphabetical order.
  • List vocabulary next to letter.
  • Show or point to a letter and student says the letter name.
  • Spell a word with cards and say each letter name.
  • Say a letter name and student hold up the correct card.
  • Clip words to the letter card.
  • Show a letter and student opens dictionary to letter section and picks a word

Best Ways to Teach the Spanish sounds

Similarly, introduce the sound or sounds for each letter of the Spanish alphabet

  • Chant the alphabet sounds to a rhythm.
  • In alphabetical order, point to a letter and tell the sound.
  • Say a sound and student points to the correct letter.
  • Shuffle flashcards, student picks from top and says the correct sound or sounds.
  • Lay shuffled cards face down. Student flips one and keeps it for saying correct sound. Group with most cards wins.
  • Say a sound and student writes the letter and says the sound back.
  • Shuffle only vowel flashcards and partner says the sound flashed.
  • Spell a word with cards and say each letter sound, then blend.

Forming teams and competing for fastest times or highest numbers can be motivating for some students.

Example of Spanish Alphabet Activity

I liked to surprise my students with a new word spelled out in letter flashcards. I kept them on the table so they could do the same. One day I placed the letters to spell the word “hola”.

They read out loud “ho-la”. I had already modeled the correct pronunciation with a silent h. It was a great opportunity to introduce the silent h rule. This rule applies to many more words.

Most importantly, a lot of repetition is good for memory. The more engaging and active an activity, the better it is for learning.

Bien hecho ♥

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