So you want to conjugate verbs, but have no idea how?

Conjugation can be an overwhelming concept, especially when you have no idea how it works.

Our Quick and Simple Conjugation Guide shows you exactly what steps to take to get your practice routine going - as well as communicate accurately and confidently - as fast as possible.

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"Rachel gives actionable, realistic tips for learning Spanish.  She helps you work with the way your brain works. The daily practice method is genius!"


¡Hola! I'm Rachel!

And helping learners become fluent in Spanish is my jam.

But I wasn't always bilingual. In fact, when I first started learning in 1995, I knew zero Spanish and had no idea what I was doing. I was a student, looking for a way to connect with my new in-laws. My college classes and good grades weren't enough as I sat through countless conversations unable to join in. The thought of needing to COMMUNICATE with them felt so overwhelming that I was on the edge of giving up.

But even though, at the time it seemed impossible, I set a goal to be able to converse fluently. I figured out how to build my language skills through self-study and creating learning tools. It took me another year, but I did manage to achieve that goal and bigger goals like graduating from UCLA with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature, working with clients in Spanish, and raising my children bilingually.

These days, my goal is to help as many learners as I can, and this conjugation guide is the perfect place to start!

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