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Spanish Alphabet Letters | Alphabet Banner Craft

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This craft is a great tool to introduce and review the Spanish alphabet letters. The letter cards can be hung on the wall or used as flashcards to review the sounds. It is helpful to know how to pronounce new words and speak clearly in Spanish.

First, learn the basics about the Spanish alphabet letters and sounds. Then download, print the instructions and Spanish alphabet letter cards. Continue to use the cards in activities and to review the Spanish letter names and sounds. This process will help you improve your Spanish pronunciation.

Grab the free alphabet craft

Learn the Spanish alphabet and how each letter sounds. This printable craft is a great learning tool to introduce and review the different sounds in Spanish. The activities will help you have excellent pronunciation as you learn new Spanish words.

The Spanish Alphabet Letters

Every letter in the Spanish alphabet has its own unique sound or set of sounds. I have created a printable banner craft as a tool for Spanish learners. Each letter can be printed to hang the Spanish alphabet on the wall or used as flash cards.

First say these words in English

favor, chocolate, dime, quesadilla, jalapeño, red

Next say the same words in Spanish

Did you hear a difference between the English and Spanish versions?

Each of those words sound different in each language. That’s because every Spanish letter has its own unique sound. This Spanish alphabet letter craft will equip you with a learning tool. The printable consists of a card for each letter in the Spanish alphabet. The cards can be strung together and hung on the wall, or they can be used as flashcards.

How many letters are in the Spanish alphabet?

According to Real Academia Española there are 27 letters in the Spanish alphabet. Ñ is the only additional letter to the English alphabet. CH and LL, the double digit letters have been gone since 2010.

Each of the 27 letter symbols have a letter name and at least one letter sound. The letter names and letter sounds have different uses. Both are part of beginning Spanish phonics

How do you say the Spanish alphabet

To start with each letter has a name. The letter name is used for spelling, alphabetizing and identifying each letter individually. The letters are listed in bold and the names are pronounced in italics below.

Many people like to sing the letter names with the Spanish alphabet song.

Phonetic Spanish Alphabet

Of most importance, the Spanish letter sounds are different from the letter names. When we read (or decode) words is based on how each letter is pronounced. Each letter has at least one sound. Some are completely different, similar or the same as the English letter sounds.

How to pronounce the Spanish alphabet

Above, we saw how the same words are pronounced differently in English and Spanish. The letters for each language have unique sounds. A basic understanding of beginning Spanish phonics is important as you learn how to say new Spanish words.

Grab the free alphabet craft

Learn the Spanish alphabet and how each letter sounds. This printable craft is a great learning tool to introduce and review the different sounds in Spanish. The activities will help you have excellent pronunciation as you learn new Spanish words.

Spanish Alphabet Letter Craft

The printable has instructions, letter cards and templates to make a Spanish alphabet banner. It does require some assembly with cutting and hole punching. When complete, you will have either loose letter cards or a beautiful alphabet banner to hang on the wall.

Make a Spanish Alphabet Banner or Letter Cards

Both manipulatives are visual and tactile. The combination of senses helps to cement the letter symbol and sound into memory. Either way, there are many learning activities to do.

Option A Letter Cards

Print and keep the letter cards loose.

Option B Alphabet Banner

Print cards to string together and hang on wall or door.

instructions colored paper yarn hole puncher and scissors on wood table


Beforehand, gather these materials for the craft:

  • Letter size paper – white or colored
    • 1 sheet for instruction page
    • 8 sheets for letter card
    • 8 sheets for backing (banner)
  • printer and toner
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • laminating sheets (optional – letter cards)
  • hole puncher
  • string, yarn, ribbon or twine (banner)


Steps for Letter Cards and Alphabet Banner

First download the craft printable.

printed paper on wood table

Next, insert paper into printer in this order:

• craft instructions on 1 sheet (plain white paper)

• 8 sheets for letter cards (light colored paper)

• 8 sheets for backing (for banner only)

Many color combinations and different decorative paper types are possible. The letter cards are best on light colors. The backing sheets can be anything really. Also, think about the ribbon or string color and type will hold them together. Or for flashcards, the thickness of the paper the letter cards is important.

And print the download:
• page #1-9 for letter cards only
• page #1-17 for banner

alphabet cards on wood table with colored paper

Second, cut the letter cards and backing sheets

  • Letter Cards

For a set of loose letter cards, cut along outside edge in the shape of a rectangle. See the letter A. Laminate letter card for durability. (optional)

alphabet cards on wood table
Use as flashcards
  • Alphabet Banner

For the alphabet banner, cut the letter cards along outside edge, like the letter W in the picture. This leaves a triangular shape on the bottom.

The backing sheets are cut into quarter sheets. Use the printed lines as a guide.

Continue Next Steps for Alphabet Banner
alphabet cards on wood table with hole puncher
Hole punch letter cards at top

Third, center letter card on top of backing and punch two holes along top of each letter card. The string will be laced through the holes.

  • There will be about 1/4″ margin around each letter card.
  • Place the holes about 1″ down from top edge and 1″ in from side edges.
alphabet cards on wood table with yarn through holes on top
String cards together from back to front and back again

Finally, string the cards together in alphabetical order. Run a long string through the two holes of each card from back to front to back again.

  • You will need a string length of about 10 feet.
  • Tie a knot in the end to keep it from unraveling.
  • Begin with letter Z and work backwards. Pull the end of string through hole from back to front. Then, put end through to back again. Move cards along string until all cards are complete.
  • Leave an extra length of string on each end to tie on wall or door.

The finished Spanish alphabet banner

At the end, keep the letter cards stacked on table and hang the alphabet banner on the wall or door. They can be reminders to practice. Repetition is what cements the sounds in memory.

For example of how I’ve used this craft as a learning tool:

Right away, I put a set of letter cards on the table. I surprise them with a new word spelled out. My little ones read this in English ho-lah. I say it correctly oh-lah reminding them the letter h is silent. They are learning how to read and speak correctly in Spanish. And increase their vocabulary at the same time. Also, the banner hangs on the wall as a reminder of the Spanish alphabet. Anytime, we can clip a word to the letter for sample sounds.

Spanish alphabet banner hanging on wall with hand

Spanish Letter Sounds Activities

Finally, once the craft is complete, they are useful learning tools. Many different kinds of activities can be done to introduce and practice the different Spanish letter names and sounds. The focus is best on the letter sounds, not the letter names. However, knowing the letter names is essential for spelling and alphabetizing.

List of Spanish Alphabet Activity Ideas

✮ Sing the alphabet song and point to the letters. Or chant or sounds instead. Make a rhythm.
✮ In alphabetical order, point and tell. Or mix cards, hold up one, and tell.
✮ Lay all cards face down. Flip and say name or sound. Correct answer keep the card. Most cards win.
✮ Spell a word with letter card and say the letter name one by one.
✮ Mix up letter all cards, alphabetize and say the sounds. Fastest time wins.
✮ Only vowels – say the cards letter name. Partner says the vowel sound back.
✮ Copy letters on paper and say sound.

Most importantly, lots of repetition is necessary to build language skills. Also, engaging the senses makes a big impact. Further, movement, touch and visuals help maximize learning and memory. These activities are a good foundation for an effective language learning journey.

Bien hecho ♥

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