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  • A quick start to conjugate verbs easily
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  • Strategically plan verbs into your learning routine
  • Write, read, and say the verbs for skills practice
  • Conjugate across all tenses and moods following our framework

Don't be intimidated by the seemingly endless verb endings... start practicing one verb at a time!

Diana shares her experience... I love, love, love to use the set in sheet protectors. We mark and erase them over and over again without having to print more. So easy to use. I can't wait for the more sets to come out.

Your FREE Verb Conjugation Starter Kit includes:

  • The five step language skills growth process and where verb conjugation fits in
  • A framework for advancing your conjugation practice
  • The parts of a verb and what they tell us
  • The irregular verb groups and patterns
  • A practice sheet for the number one most frequently used verb, ser
  • List of the best ways to practice conjugation

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