Looking for words to describe art in Spanish?

Download your free art study steps to start reading, saying, listening and writing about art!


If you're struggling to express yourself in Spanish. It will show you how to:

  • introduce the artwork
  • observe and describe the details
  • activate new Spanish vocabulary
  • discuss the message with design elements and principles
  • share your response

Best of all? It's completely free - our gift to you!

Diana shares her experience... I love, love, love to use them in sheet protectors. We mark and erase them over and over again without having to print more. So easy to use. I can't wait for the more sets to come out.

Your FREE Art Study Lesson includes:

  • The five steps to describe art and build skills
  • A framework for advancing your expression skills
  • Question and answer prompts for each task
  • A worksheet to write new words about the art

Make describing art and building Spanish skills easy!

You'll be on your way to quickly understanding others and speaking with confidence in no time! Plus, it's FREE!

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