How to Learn Spanish on Your Own

So you want to learn Spanish. That’s exciting! Being bilingual gives more freedom, more opportunities, more connection, more memory, a stronger brain and yes, you can even make money with a second language.

Learning a second language is challenging, yet not impossible.

What holds you back? Is it fear of…

  • making embarrassing mistakes
  • not being able to understand
  • sounding stupid
  • not knowing how to learn Spanish

These will leave you feeling lost, discouraged and overwhelmed. I’ve experienced them all along my Spanish language learning journey. But you don’t have to repeat the things that don’t work. Wouldn’t you rather be…

Focused, enthusiastic, successful.

One of the biggest problems is getting stuck on learning about Spanish, instead of using Spanish. That’s not what I do. The more you can use the language in your real life, the better. It’s easier than you think.

Let’s face the challenges of learning a language

Languages by nature are mysterious, confusing and divide people. They are complex. Just think about mathematics, puzzles and algorithms all mixed together. It takes the highly developed human brain to decode and arrange logical units.

Naturally, we institutionalize languages inside classrooms and textbooks. Oral skills develop through connection with others at home, at school or in community. Early elementary education focuses on learning the skills of reading and writing in your native language. This is literacy.

How do we learn second (or more) languages?

This is where we largely fail to produce bilingual students. We learn lots about languages. We translate, we study grammar, we memorize vocabulary lists. We textbook ourselves to second language death. An exercise here, a test there, throw in thirty vocabulary lists and voila – learning is void.

Some things just make no sense. Last time I went to Toscanova, I ordered my favorite dish, eggplant parmesan. The waiter brought me a plate with a little recipe card. I read it imagining the hearty flavors. Afterwards, I payed in full with extra tip and gave a 5 star review on yelp.

No way, watch out hangry is coming.

Just like eating recipes, we think we can’t learn languages without our brains engaged in real life. Think again.

Don’t repeat these rookie mistakes

  • learning about a language and not using it
  • mind-numbing textbooks, tests and vocabulary lists
  • getting stuck on mindless repeat
  • doing what everyone else is doing and not knowing why
  • being a sissy and giving up

On my language learning journey, I’ve done all the above spectacularly. Along the way, my stubborness and dedication to being lazy led me to discover some irreplaceable learning gems. Simplicity and a sense of adventure and enjoyment is key.

Finding the Way That Works

That being said I know how to overcome the many challenges to becoming bilingual. And the even more difficult ambition of mine, teaching my children the language. Learn more about my story of language learning failure and ultimate victory.

How to Learn Spanish Fast

This is one of the top searches online. I suspect textbook failure is the cause. Nobody wants to waste years of their life and get little results. More online searches will lead you to better greatness in brain failure –

  • learn Spanish in  1 day, 30 days, 1 year (I put more effort into washing dirty clothes)
  • does listening to Spanish while I sleep work? (seriously, thats how I learned to talk, not)
  • free online programs or apps (more of the same, usually)
  • I need to learn English, we help each other? (the lamest pickup line)

I’m glad you made it to this safe place, because none of these solutions will take you very far, very fast.

Make a Study Plan to Learn Spanish

Instead, it’s time to think differently about learning Spanish. Put some thought into how you want to function in Spanish in the future. Then, set goals and track your progress to stay motivated.

Your Spanish Study Plan Will Cover

  • True methods for language learning success
  • How to rate yourself in four key areas, plus two more
  • Get super clear on how you want to use Spanish
  • Your best learning styles and tools
  • New ways to make Spanish a part of your real life
  • What to focus on and tracking progress

I know what it takes to get overcome the obstacles from my twenty plus years of experience and homeschool teaching my five kids Spanish.

Tips for Language Learners

Setting and Tracking Goals

Try This Solid Study Plan

Learn Spanish So You Can Use it in Real Life

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