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It’s hard to know how to start learning a language. Discover your reasons, the skills you want, how to rate your skill level simply, and your best learning styles. Receive the free guidebook straight to your email box, simply click the button.

Welcome to Grow Spanish! Here you’ll find some of my best language learning tools, but not everything. Simply click the links or images to send them straight to your inbox.

  • Create your own study plan
  • Build a large and useful vocabulary
  • Gain confidence to quickly conjugate verbs in all their forms
  • Do your favorite activities to use Spanish in your real life.

How to Learn Spanish on Your Own

If you’re not sure how to start or still wondering what you did wrong to build some useable Spanish language skills, start here with this free course. I’ll walk you through simple steps to build a solid foundation and an actionable and effective study plan.

Get the course details by clicking the image below.

Meanwhile, on the blog you’ll find some beginning steps >>>

Make Your Spanish Study Plan – Step 1

The hardest part of starting is simply not knowing the first steps to take. To be a successful language learner, creating a study plan will give you the crystal clear focus you need. Each step will help you to choose the most effective activities to reach your second language dreams. Rate yourself, dream big and plan for success.

How to Build Your Spanish Vocabulary

This has to be one of the most frustrating parts of learning a second language. Not having the words that you want to say. I’ve been there and know that destroys confidence and is sometimes super embarrassing when you say the wrong things.

Start fresh with the blog post >>> 7 Strategies to Build Your Vocabulary

I’ll walk you through the strategies in the next Spanish Vocabulary Challenge. The best part, it’s all free, claim your spot while there’s still space.


How to Conjugate Spanish Verbs

Suffering from a chronic case of VERB OVERWHELM? Conjugation is a strange concept to us native English speakers. But it doesn’t have to ruin your Spanish conversations, book reading or movie watching time.

I used these sheets to learn:

  • the three verb classes
  • how the pronouns match the verb for person, number and gender
  • different verb tenses
  • the differences between irregular verbs
  • changing moods and making commands
  • mixing and match compound verbs

Without grammar lessons! Regular conjugation practice will give you confidence to be able to express yourself so much better, naturally.

Spanish verb conjugation practice sheets with two pens



Activities for Spanish Practice

Bringing Spanish into your life is really easy to do. Just find your favorite activities and the words that go with it. Here are some simple ways to listen, speak, read and write in Spanish for massive skill building.

Many of these posts have free printable downloads to use with the activity.

That’s all for now. Start with one freebie and grow!

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