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Is verb conjugation a weak point for you?

Spanish is an easy language to learn. But one of the most overwhelming concepts is conjugating verbs. Even natives struggle with them.

I’ve got the solution! Our verb conjugation guide and practice sheets are the best way to manage the thousands of conjugations. You’ll be able to understand and use the right verbs on the spot.

The Spanish Verb Conjugation Guide Includes

  • 5-Step Language Skills Growth Process
  • Verb Conjugation Framework
  • How to Conjugate Verbs
  • Verb Anatomy
  • Regular and Irregular Verb Groups
  • Conjugation Practice Worksheet

The guide will help you understand and use Spanish verbs on the spot.

Introducing The Conjugation Practice Spreadsheet

I know a lot of us live in a digital world and would prefer conjugating verbs paperless. One of the biggest drawbacks to pen and paper is it’s hard to keep track of your progress and have a solid understanding of where you’re at in the learning process.

For example, you practice conjugating one verb a day but how do you know if you missed an important verb or tense? Most people have a haphazard approach to verbs and vocabulary in general. As a result, there will be gaps in your proficiency.

The verb spreadsheet does a good job of planning and tracking the details. Such as meaning, tense, mood, conjugation patterns, etc. That way you don’t miss anything. Being organized week to week cuts back considerably on the time you need to figure out what’s next.

I recently put together the system I use to manage my verb conjugation practice in Google Sheets. It’s called the Easy Verb Conjugation Spreadsheet for Busy Learners and it’s basically what I use to decide what to practice next. I include an instructional video showing how to set it up and use it to plan your practice routine and track your progress, a perfect solution for busy learners.

If you feel like you’ve got gaps or you’re spending too much time trying to figure it all out or you have no organization of your conjugation practice, The Easy Verb Conjugation Spreadsheet for Busy Learners is a must-have!

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