Spanish Alphabet Sounds | Beginning Phonics

Looking for a way to improve your pronunciation? Don't miss the Spanish alphabet and the letter sounds that will make you sound amazing. ​The Spanish Alphabet At first glance, the ...

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Spanish Grammar Guide | Subject Pronouns

Not sure what a subject pronoun is and how to use them? Become super clear on what the pronouns replace, even when they are not there. This is hugely important ...

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Spanish Grammar Guide | Verb Conjugation

Spanish verbs change and connect with other words differently than English. Understanding the verb basics, conjugation, and agreement is an essential skill to improve your conversations and reading.Every sentence has ...

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Spanish Noun Gender | Guide to Masculine and Feminine

​Words have gender? Yes! In Spanish nouns have two genders, masculine and feminine. My simple strategies will help you use them quickly and avoid costly mistakes. Make your study plan ...

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Spanish Grammar Guide | Nouns Made Simple

Nouns are endless. Everything has a name. I simply explain the many noun types and how to identify their job in a sentence. Vocabulary building tips help you discover many ...

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Spanish Nouns Made Simple

El sustantivo simplificado en Espanol

¿Qué hay en un nombre? Sustantivo es una palabra gramatical elegante para nombre. Todo tiene un nombre y cada pensamiento tiene al menos un sustantivo. Aquí, una definición y explicación ...

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