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Give ’em something to talk about. For Christmas, birthday, homeschool, or just because these children’s Spanish books will delight kids and adults alike.



Books make great gifts, especially for those who are learning a language. Reading is fun; reading aloud with others is even better to practice your listening and speaking skills. Keeping a book basket full of great book finds will make reading aloud so practical for family-style homeschool Spanish. 

Book Basket Ideas

Here are my favorite Spanish children’s books that I have found. And I am really picky. And here’s a tip – children’s books are not just for the young; they are perfect for all ages.

To be totally honest, this is my wish list of amazing Spanish books that I would love to read aloud with my kids. I have tried out a few and have not been disappointed.

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Action, Intrigue and Adventure…

My boys love comic books. Las aventuras de Tintín are action-packed and dramatic. The simple text and detailed pictures of every event make them understandable. This is the last book in the series of 24 albums.


El templo del sol


Everyday Reading…

These Richard Scarry books have loads of details to talk about in Spanish.  They are full of lots of fun pictures of action, events and descriptive vocabulary.


El mejor libro de palabras de Richard Scarry



El mejor libro para contar de Richard Scarry

Not just a counting book, but it has a story about a bunny who counts through his day. It goes all the way to 100.

Tell me a story…


El mapa de los buenos momentos



El conejo y el mapurite

This is a indigenous tale from Venezuela. The author, Veronica Uribe has several other great children’s books.


El abecedario de Lucía

This is a cute alphabet book to learn the letter names and sounds. It even has a coloring book too.


Classics for Children

The lasting books from time long ago written for the children today.

Platero y yo




El Quijote contado a los niños




El Lazarillo




El Cid

This classic also has an audiobook.

Board Books for Basics

Little ones are really busy, why not do some activities with these

 Things found in nature

Aqui veo



Counting with – contando con Frida



Zapata colors – colores


Make it a gift or a surprise…

Bundle the books in one of these sacks for easy gift wrapping. They also work well to keep the books as a hidden surprise in the book basket.

Gift Sacks


And of course, a gorgeous basket to put the books into. It’s got color options, a clean style and is neutral enough for any look.

Collapsible Book Basket


All of these book basket ideas and books make great gifts for language learners and homeschooling families. Whether you have young children or are learning yourself, children’s books make the best reading for beginners.

Make read aloud books a regular part of your life for quiet time or bedtime reading.

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