50 Basic Spanish Words for Beginners

Basic Spanish Words

Spanish 101 covers basic Spanish words, right? Sort of, every textbook has basic vocabulary lists in every lesson. Most students cram them for the quiz or test. Then they are quickly forgotten.

Until one ordinary day, you realize all those words you studied are gone when you need them most. Suddenly a sinking feeling sets in as you come to terms with the fact that learning Spanish that way doesn’t work.

Instead, what you need are the right resources to learn Spanish on your own. The learning tools that work so you can use Spanish in real life. Let me introduce you to your free…

Basic Spanish Words Printable Worksheets

What you’ll learn

  • 50 words in ___ days
  • List your resources
  • Daily learning log
  • Vocabulary register
  • Categorize words by part of speech
  • Monthly study tracker
  • Word bank goal
  • Your top 4 language learning goals

Who doesn’t love a Spanish vocabulary workbook? Especially when it’s free!

Supplies You’ll Need

All are optional but highly recommended

A three-ring binder

Letter size paper

Sheet protectors

Highlighters for labeling parts of speech

A color printer

50 Spanish Words for Beginners

  • el
  • la
  • que
  • de
  • a
  • es
  • y
  • en
  • un
  • por
  • qué
  • ser
  • se
  • no
  • tener
  • con
  • nunca
  • yo
  • para
  • como
  • estar
  • le
  • lo
  • todo
  • pero
  • más
  • hay
  • o
  • decir
  • adios
  • ir
  • otro
  • ese
  • si
  • me
  • ya
  • ver
  • porque
  • dar
  • cuando
  • él
  • muy
  • sin
  • hora
  • mucho
  • saber
  • qué
  • hola
  • mi
  • gracias

Your Next Step

Inside A Spanish Notebook

Resources for Vocabulary

Spanish Words to Describe Art


basic spanish words

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