Art Study Flipbook Craft

​This Art Study in Spanish® craft is a great way to prepare and keep the artwork, your drawings, and new vocabulary in a flipbook.

The tutorial has instructions, material list, and templates to put together the treasures from your art study time. This is a great addition to your Art Study skills practice time.

That’s where I come in. I’ve done this before and I’m here to help you. The last thing you want is to get overwhelmed and stop even before you talk about art in Spanish. I have each step laid out in the Discussion Guide, Vocabulary and Elements and Principles of Art guidebooks.

Or you can pull it together on your own, following the the steps below. Either way, I’ll help you with a basic art study time to start describing art in Spanish. So, grab an artwork and some basic materials and let’s get started!

Art Study Flipbook Craft

In this post, I share a craft that I’ve done for years alongside our art study time. It was so sad to stuff away our artwork and drawings into a box in the closet. The artwork was beautiful and the drawings were way to precious to forget about.

Instead of tucking it away, I put the artwork and what we learned into a flipbook. I kept this on my bookshelf. Before I knew it, I realized the flipbook was also part of preparing for the art study time. Below, the tutorial tells you the steps to make an art study flipbook of your own.

​Tutorial to Make An Art Study Flip book

​An art study flipbook holds the prints of artwork, your drawings of the details from memory and the new words you learned during your art study time. Here’s a picture of one I made when we were talking about the world famous painter and sculptor, Fernando Botero, from Columbia.

art study flipbook on table

To make your own flipbook for your art study time, you’ll need these materials:

Materials for making an art study flipbook:

​The flipbook is a simple photo album with a clear cover, so you can customize it:

  • I recommend a 4×6 album so the images are large enough to see, yet not too grainy. I used these durable Pocket Photo Albums, 3 Pack. They have 48 slots in each album, plenty of room for the artwork prints (and extras), your kids drawings and notes with new Spanish words. The plastic cover is thick and flexible.

If you have a color printer you can print your own artwork at home. In that case you can print on regular letter size printer paper, or use these optional supplies:

The second option is to print the ​artwork using an online photo printing service. You just need to upload the artwork to print. I share details about sources below.

Steps to Make the Flipbook

1) Select artwork

​You’ll need one artwork for each art study session.

Wikiart – Visual Art Encyclopedia is a great source for artwork images for personal home use.  I found that 4×6 prints are the best size for a clear picture. Look for high quality images with minimum resolution of 600×900 (1200×800 is better) for 4×6 print size. Anything less than that will be too grainy.

2) ​Edit the images to the print size

This process will be different depending on the computer and software you use. First, the right click on the mouse copies the image. Then, I open a word processing document and paste the image. Last, I the image to the size I want and crop for the right dimensions. For most images 4×6 ​had the best image quality.

3​) Print ​each artwork

Either, ​print at home using a color printer or use an online print service. ​

If you print at home, you will need to cut the images to 4×6 size. A scrapbook paper cutter creates a nice clean line and corners​ with less effort. Scissors get the job done too.

4) Print the flipbook pages

In the digital file, there are options for covers, artwork list, drawing and notes. ​Using card stock makes it more sturdy. Cut the inserts along the outer solid gray line.

5) Insert the pages

This last step is pretty straight forward. Cover first. The list of artwork next. Followed by the artwork and enough blanks for drawings of details and notes. You can customize the flipbook for your specific needs.

collage of pictures of flipbook with artwork and inserts

​I have many fond memories of art study time with my kids. I will treasure the flipbooks always.

One thing to keep in mind, is to keep the artwork unseen until the art study time. You can remove the pages when you are ready to use them. And return them into their place afterwards. Or you can keep all the parts in a bag and put the flipbook together after each session. It’s up to you and your preference.

The flipbook becomes a reference for new vocabulary and the artwork and drawings show a visual meaning. And a lasting treasure of memories for years to come. It’s a perfect activity to bring Spanish into your life with your own creative work.

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