¡Hola! I’m Rachel!

I’m bilingual and absolutely certain I can help you learn how to understand Spanish and express clearly yourself too.

I know learning a language is one of the most difficult things to do, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s my story.

Way back, before children and wrinkles, my new family in law all spoke Spanish. Unfortunately I only spoke English. I tried so hard to understand them with no luck for a long time. I tried college classes, textbooks, workbooks, programs and still struggled to have a conversation. The experts failed me.

Even though I poured my everything into studying, I was no closer to being bilingual than before. I needed something that worked to give me real skills to listen and speak Spanish.

Then, I came up with my own language learning methods. I recorded, repeated, took notes, conjugated, defined and refined, and did all kinds of other engaging activities. All of a sudden, I was thinking in Spanish and making lots of progress in a short time.

Before long, Spanish was like my own language. I understood them, could tell them what was on my mind and even begin to understand their jokes. I had enough skills to listen, speak, read and write. That’s when I decided to get my degree in Spanish Language and Literature from UCLA. Now I needed more skills to read and write in Spanish clearly and advanced conversational skills.

Professors with every accent spoke fast and long, the novels were thick and deep, and the writing was technical. I had to scale up my learning methods even higher to meet the many new challenges. I created effective methods to advance my Spanish language skills. Glad to say I finished successfully with a love for languages.

I want to share my enthusiasm and creative learning resources with you, because I know you can successfully reach your language learning goals and love every step of the way. Join many others in receiving weekly tips straight to your email inbox.

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