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Rachel Havana

Our Lead Learner

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After studying Spanish in school for years, I discovered that I had zero Spanish communication skills in the real world.

I figured out how to become fluent anyway and am showing learners how to successfully communicate – many who feel like they aren’t good at learning languages or are too afraid to try.

As the founder of Grow Spanish & the creator of the Skills Building Framework, I get people so excited about learning Spanish that they not just learn, but use it in real life.

I do this by creating what I call “skill experiences” (instead of traditional classes and information-based learning)

My Skill Building Framework is an entirely new approach to building foreign language skills that combines the core elements of sounds, words, phrases, and sentences with your best learning styles.

This approach is so effective that learning progresses faster and much more enjoyably than anyone ever thought possible.

I received a BA from UCLA in Spanish Language & Literature

I’ve done a lot in Spanish: advised clients, prepared taxes, managed property, taught my kids, translated, traveled, and have many friendships.

I live in Los Angeles, California with my husband Shane, my five kids, one grandchild, and one Happy Fish.

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