Learn how to

use Spanish in

your real life

Learn how to use Spanish in real life with your kids

Tired of feeling like it's impossible?

I can help with that. Here's what to do next:


Not sure how to begin teaching your kids Spanish? Get the free Everyday Spanish Starter Guide to bring Spanish into your daily routine and grow practical language skills with your children.


Need help right now? Check out my simple solutions for hands-on activities, for expanding vocabulary, clear grammar explanations, or for learning strategies


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Hola, I'm Rachel

My goal for you is to start growing practical Spanish skills with your children. 

I really wanted my kids to be fluent in Spanish for all the benefits. I learned the language as an adult and their father was a native speaker. It should've been easy to pass it on, right? Not at all. 

Life was busy, they only answered in English, none of the programs had the depth or skills I was looking for... Without any direction or resources, I soooo wanted to give up. Instead, I came up with my own learning process. One that I knew would work, because it builds practical language skills.

Today, I want to share loads of valuable tips and tools that will bring Spanish into your daily life at home. My mission is to build Spanish literacy one family at a time. Find out more about my story...

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What the kids say

Havana Kids

My Fave Spanish Students

"Spanish is a beautiful language. It's hard to learn, but very useful because a lot of people speak it all over the world." - Nena


1st Grader

" I like the rrr sound."