Describing Art Spanish Lesson

describing art spanish lesson

It’s so frustrating not being able to understand Spanish, and even worse, not be able to speak it. You need to practice your Spanish skills with this lesson describing art. Describing art is a great way to increase your passive and active vocabulary and all the language skills.

Free Lesson on Spanish Words to Describe Art

In an artwork, the scenes have backgrounds, people, objects, actions, emotions and ideas to describe. The images are full of details. Each step gives you another way to describe art in Spanish. First, the story of the artwork has people, places, feelings, objects and action. Next, the elements of art have details to describe. Finally, the principles of art tell the message of the artist. All these are opportunities to practice your Spanish language skills.

You’ll discover plenty of new words to add to your vocabulary. Try it out…

describing art spanish lesson

Get everything you need to describe art

Want to start practicing the easy way? More than a lesson describing art, the Art Study in Spanish Bundle has the discussion guide, vocabulary and elements and principles of art visuals. The bundle includes the worksheets for each of the five steps.

Or you can pull together bits and pieces on your own over time.

Tips for practicing skills

Spanish Words to Describe Art

Try This Solid Spanish Study Plan

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