How do I increase my Spanish vocabulary?

7 best free resources to increase spanish vocabulary

The struggle is real trying to increase vocabulary quickly. It’s not easy to fit hundreds of strange new words into the memory to be able to use on demand. However, it is possible to do it one bit at a time with a method that works. In addition, some great tools can make improving your vocabulary quick and easy too.

Learning Spanish on your own goes smoothly when you have good resources for new words, their meanings, examples, pronunciation, similar and opposite words. Also, grammar information is important as well, such as the parts of speech. All of this is important to improve your Spanish vocabulary.

Easy Spanish Vocabulary Building Spreadsheet

The most important thing is to have an active vocabulary. This is the kind where you understand the words and can use it from memory in speech and print. Often language learners cram new words and translations into their short term memory.

On the other hand, the Word Bank spreadsheet help you set goals and your study pace, collect new words, dig into their meaning. Each of the tabs turn new words into passive and active vocabulary.

English to Spanish Dictionary

The classic resource for increasing vocabulary is the English to Spanish dictionary. They contain words, pronunciation, meanings, and sometimes examples. Every language learner should have access to at least one dictionary and translator. These are free online Spanish dictionaries and translators.

Online Dictionary


Online Translator



Core Vocabulary Dictionary

If you’re going to buy one dictionary, this is the one that you need. The main index has the 5,000 most frequently used words in the Spanish vocabulary. Each word has the part of speech, and example and translation. This is the ideal resource to complement your vocabulary and grammar study.

Look inside – A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish: Core Vocabulary for Learners

Spanish Random Word Generator

Occasionally, you might want to find new words at random to increase your vocabulary. Or, just to increase the variety of the kinds of words you’re learning. Press the button and a selection of new words is listed.

Random Lists – Spanish Words

English to Spanish Thesaurus

Once you’ve learned a word and its meaning, the next logical step is to find similar words, synonyms. Even antonyms can easily expand your vocabulary with opposite meaning words.

  • This resource is special because you can search words by part of speech, rhymes, metaphors and concordance.


Spanish Number Translator

Spanish numbers can be tricky with spelling, accents and how some of them break the patterns. Type in a number and the spelling is given.

Spanish Numbers Guide

Tips for Learning Spanish on Your Own

Spanish Words to Describe Art

Planning your Study Routine

Basic Spanish Word Lists

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7 best free resources to increase spanish vocabulary

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